Raised in a small glass jar

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Raised In A Small Glass Jar

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See why people love MOMO Kombucha

Thanks to them, I can confirm kombucha is drinkable. It is not so sour. I can feel smooth acidity. Their flavour mix up such as Ginger and Lemon accelerates the goodness.


Absolutely delicious! One of the best tasting kombucha brands I have found in the UK.

Monique Hummel

I love this kombucha so much! Especially the ginger lemon flavour 👌🏼 And I’m so impressed that they brew in glass jars the old-fashioned way, it’s worth it!

Lisa Niven

Simply fabulous kombucha with some unbelievable health benefits! Loved the personal touch. Give the mixed case a try - you won't be disappointed.

Daniel Smith

Delicious kombucha - every time I try a new flavour, its the new favourite. Today it's hibiscus... YUMMM!

Emilie Woodhouse

Really good tasting kombucha, especially the tumeric!

Owen Roberts

Four Award-Winning Flavours

Ginger-Lemon, the most popular; Turmeric, our personal favourite; Elderflower, the most refreshing; and Raspberry-Hibiscus, the perfect alcohol alternative. All four flavours recently cleaned up at the 2022 Great Taste Awards.


Ginger is to kombucha what salt is to dark chocolate – some things just go together. This crisp kombucha is our most popular of the bunch, and it’s easy to see why.

Brewed with just the right amount of cold-pressed ginger and a squeeze of fresh lemon for good measure, it’s the perfect way to start the day or perk yourself up


From herbal medicine to cakes and cordials, people have been obsessed with elderflower for centuries.

Naturally it’s a perfect fit for our old-fashioned style kombucha, which we make by steeping organic elderflower with loose leaf tea before fermentation. Smooth and refreshing, it’s our go-to thirst quencher whatever the weather.


We like to think of this kombucha as the worldly older sibling – sophisticated in profile and beautifully pink, thanks to a hint of organic crushed raspberry and a whole lot of hibiscus.

Together they make this deeply flavoured alcohol alternative. There’s no stepping in grapes here – instead we steep organic hibiscus leaves in our loose leaf tea pre-fermentation.


There’s a ton of ways to enjoy turmeric, but we use it to make this nourishing kombucha.

Our old-fashioned brewing process brings out turmeric’s deliciously earthy flavour, which we follow up with a hint of pineapple juice. Perfect when paired with food and just as good on its own, this one’s our personal favourite (just don’t tell the others).

B Corp Certified - Using business as a force for good.™

We believe in using business as a force for good: we’re a proud certified B-Corp, a London living wage employer & certified organic.

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“One of my recent favourite non-alcoholic options”

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“Unlike many kombucha brands which ferment in large
stainless steel tanks, filter, pasteurise, or even make their product from concentrate, Lisa and Josh ferment their product in super-small 10L glass jars”

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“Our favourite is the turmeric number which combines its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to the kombucha health kick”

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“Hydrating and energising”

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“The quality, health benefits and taste of their drinks is