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What is Kombucha?

What is kombucha? - MOMO Kombucha

Kombucha is fermented tea. When properly brewed it is a delicious, slightly fizzy and refreshing soft drink that is low in sugar and naturally energising.

It is made of four simple ingredients: tea, water, sugar and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). The sweetened tea base ferments for around two weeks. During fermentation, the yeast consume the sugar and produce alcohol, then the bacteria consume this alcohol and produce the acids that give kombucha its sour flavour and contribute to its health benefits. 

'MOMO is one of my recent favourite non-alcoholic drinks.'

–The Telegraph

Kombucha is thought to have originated two thousand years ago. Redzepi & Gilber in The Noma Guide to Fermentation suggest it originated in north-east China around 200 BCE. From there, they believe it spread east to Japan, largely through the efforts of a fabled Korean physician named Kombu. Hence, kombucha - cha being Chinese for ‘tea’.  

The specific microbes in each batch of kombucha naturally vary as it is a living product but the main components are yeast and acetic acid bacteria. Acetic acid is also one of the most prominent acids in apple cider vinegar, which is why many people draw comparisons to the tangy after-taste. Balancing the flavour profile of kombucha is difficult to perfect. However, our method of brewing in small glass jars allows us to test and taste different batches to make sure we always deliver the highest quality kombucha. 

… and what makes MOMO stand out in the kombucha fridge?

At MOMO, all our ingredients are certified organic. We strongly advocate an organic lifestyle to protect our soil, reduce toxins into our bodies and promote supply chain transparency. 

Our commitment to the planet and our communities is also supported with our B-Corp certification. We embrace their mission to improve our social and environmental impact to make business a force for good.

We are committed to brewing the old-fashioned way in small glass jars. Although challenging at times, we strongly believe this produces the tastiest kombucha. The kombucha fermentation process is delicate. The bacteria and yeast need to be balanced and small batch production gives us much more control over the process. Furthermore, we are able to observe each batch which helps ensure all the kombucha that gets bottled is fermenting as expected. 

“Unlike many kombucha brands which ferment in large stainless steel tanks, filter, pasteurise, or even make their product from concentrate, Lisa and Josh ferment their product in super-small 10L glass jars”


When the kombucha is ready to be bottled, we remove the larger SCOBY on the surface by hand  - as you would at home - and then bottle it. Super importantly our kombucha remains completely unfiltered. Raw and unfiltered kombucha like ours is full of live cultures which support diversity in the microbiome, as well as giving MOMO a much fuller depth of flavour. Because it is unfiltered, it’s totally normal to contain sediment or even a mini SCOBY in the bottle.

Don’t worry, good brews have bits.

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